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10-Aug-2017 15:39

Or if health and fitness is important to you, you might write, “I couldn’t think of a better date than running around Central Park together.” Try not to be too specific when it comes to your ‘type’.If you have a checklist of what you are and aren’t looking for in a date you are turning away potential matches before you even get to see if you have a connection!You might not know the common pitfalls you’re falling into with your online dating profile.We here at Review-Weekly collected data on how to improve your bio, your photos and your chances at finding love online! If you haven’t already, enter your email address here to get new posts sent straight to your inbox!The greatest invention in romance since condoms, dating apps are pure efficiency: thousands of women, no long profiles to read, no grammar mistakes to harrumph over, nothing but the essentials: picture, age, first name, and a fortune cookie. When it comes to the written word, avoid listing dealbreakers or the physical attributes you are looking for. When you want to use a word to describe yourself, think of an anecdote or example that shows how you embody that trait and use that instead.

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The photos that you post tell just as much of a story about you as your written profile does.

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