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Basically, in order to avoid some of the biggest, most egregious mistakes that people make when getting into swinging, remember to be respectful of wishes of people in the community.

Swinging is a very community-based activity, by necessity.

In ancient times, annual festivals and other gatherings for worship strengthened God’s servants spiritually and were joyful occasions.–Exodus , 16; Nehemiah 8:9-18.

In modern times, annual regional conventions provide Jehovah’s Witnesses with spiritual refreshment and encouragement along with joyful Christian association.

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You don’t have to be like most people who get into swinging, who do it all wrong. If you can nail this, you’ll be opening up a whole new and exciting world for yourself, and for your partner if you have one.

The earliest account of Thornbury and the manor exists in the time of King Athelstan (A. 925-940), who was grandson of King Alfred the Great, so it is safe to say Thornbury Castle has seen its fair share of faces pass through the great oak doors.